JK Rowling – a talk worth its weight in (muggle) gold

JK Rowling isn’t my favourite author of all time, but I have read all the Harry Potter books, and even seen some of the films. However; I admire her for her perseverance, vivid imagination and steely determination to do what she wants to do more than anything else in life. Write. I envy her resolve.

Even if I feel as though I am getting closer to my goal I am also fearing failure, something JK Rowling talks about in this video. By encouraging failure we allow ourselves to take risks, and accept responsibility for our own lives. There is a great quote a few minutes in about no longer being able to blame your parents for your choices, the responsibility lies with you. I am extremely fortunate to have had supportive parents who believe in me and think I will achieve great things regardless of what field I chose to go in to, not many people have that kind of network to lean on and I am truly grateful.

Personally I don’t believe that ‘real’ and ‘raw’ creativity can only stem from hardship, it comes from the person you decide to be. And taking leaps of faith.

This talk to the grad students at Harvard back in 2008 has just the right balance between funny, heart breaking and inspirational. It shows how our choices in life shape us and how unplanned circumstances will form us into the people we are, moulding our ethics and morals along the way.

JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure