Lured by Kindle Daily Deals


Anyone else out there found themselves suddenly pressing the right side of a Kindle screen showing a book that you had no idea existed 10min before? I know I certainly have. Scrolling through my Index I find at least four titles that I’ve impulse bought in the last couple of months due to the Kindle Daily Deal. Some were OK, others were not.

This last one, The Architects, by Stefan Heym is so far proving to be neither of the above. However, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt as it’s not my ‘usual’ fare. But you know what? At less than £1 (£0.99 actually) it’s still a bargain. And I never would have read it otherwise. Therefore I would like to applaud the phenomena that is the Kindle Daily Deal. As an avid reader the library is the only other place I can think of that offers this amount of varied literature at basically no cost. Kindle is my personal librarian and I have to admit that I like it. Even though there may not be a ‘someone’ behind the choosing of the Daily Deal I like to imagine there is. Someone who wants to widen my horizons and lift obscure authors from nothingness into…well…something. Isn’t that commendable? Sure, all the reviews are likely to come from the authors close friends and family members,  but so what? I hope that one day soon my e-book will lure uncharacteristic readers of my genre into downloading it. What better way is there to widen your audience and perhaps tap into a totally different readership?

Thank you KDD.