Four-colour book production is my nerdy love as it manages to combine my partiality for the written word with imagery. All the tiny little things from inception to delivery interest me (to a varying degree!) and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to hone my skills working for some of the best publishers in the UK. I started my journey at the University of Arts in London with an MA in Publishing Production and from there I went on to my first ‘proper’ job as a production controller at Macmillan, being in charge of their non-fiction list. I then expanded my horizons further with four colour production at Kyle Cathie where I gained invaluable knowledge that then led me to my role as a production controller for Hamlyn/Godsfield&Gaia with Octopus Publishing Group. That was my last role in the UK before heading to Hong Kong with my husband, where I embarked on freelance writing, translations and production projects.

However, the most exciting title I have managed has been Cambodia with Love, a charity photography book, and brainchild of photographer Tim Bowman. It is a large four colour title showing the life and day-to-day activities of the children at Who Will Village in Cambodia, an orphanage with a difference. With the help of several sponsors and hard work from the likes of Tim, myself and the great design team at iPulse we managed to produce a stunning hardcover book that will hopefully bring in revenue for Who Will Village for years to come. I did this as a freelance project during my time in Hong Kong and it gave me immense pleasure to be working with such a dedicated and caring group of people, and it also pushed me to my limits, testing both my knowledge and negotiation skills as this time I was without a large corporation behind me, sourcing everything from repro to paper to printing and delivery from scratch.

Cambodia with Love